Our Mission is to create and maintain a sustainable economic system designed t

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Our Mission is to create and maintain a sustainable economic system designed to enhance the quality of family life.


The Golden Standard Welcomes You!

The Golden Standard Community Empowerment System is the wealth-building component of our economic system. It is a privately held membership organization whose design and purpose is to promote individual economic wellness while servicing the needs of its members.

Our intention is to empower our members with an informative enterprise that will help them improve both their economic condition and overall health.

The Golden Standard carries a ten ($10) dollar membership fee. TGS is a community based enterprise. Paying this fee out of pocket should not cause concern or worry because, we have a number of ways you can earn $10 per week and more, just by participating in activities of the group. Also TGS shares 62% of every dollar received with its members.

The Golden Standard’s Community Grocery Store, TGSCGS is a member-owned grocery store. The products housed in the store are products the members are already buying and using. Some examples are food, household products, hair products. (etc…).

We asks Golden Standard’s members to take pictures of things they purchase. Some items members may buy weekly, some bought bi-weekly and others monthly. Most members use their phone to “snap a picture” of the item and share it with us.

We will then offer these items for purchase in our store. There are three levels of Commissions available to Members associated with the Store. They are as follows:


  • Members will receive up to 8% commission on every item purchased for personal use. For example: If you as a Member spend $150.00 a month in our store: Your commissions are $12.00 per month.


  • Members will receive a Golden Standard code. Your code allows you to share The Community Store with your Friends and Relatives. They then, have the ability to purchase products at Member prices. And you receive a 6% commission on every item purchased.


  • Members will receive 4% commission from purchase of all of their direct or personal Member recruits.