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Born and raised in Marietta, GA, Doug Martin is the father of three lovely children.  Mr. Martin and his children graduated from Marietta High School (thirty years apart, of course). He is a Vietnam Era Veteran and received an honorable discharge after serving two years in the Marine Corps. He attended Atlanta Jr. College (now Atlanta Metropolitan University).  He was on the dean’s list during the entire two years and active in the student government.  

He continued his education at Norfolk State University, Norfolk, VA, majoring in Social Psychology.  Continuing activities in student organizations, he rose to become student government president. His major has served him well. However, his experience was enhanced in 2013, when he became a licensed minister, wherein  his interest in economic development deepened.   He has worked for over thirty five years in Cobb County helping citizens understand their economic condition and consciously doing something about it.

In 1981 he returned from college to Marietta.  His work started as a volunteer in the community. He was the founder of a community newspaper called Cobb Focus, which ran for eight years.   From 1981 until present, he has worked to develop the business he now holds. (D E & M Marketing, Inc.).

In 2002 he attended classes in Business Development at The Edge Connection of Kennesaw University. There, he was introduced to social entrepreneurship. He graduated and began organizing his first for-profit business, D E & M (Diversified Educational and Motivational) Events. He began organizing events, utilizing the concepts of social entrepreneurship.    

In 2007 Doug incorporated D E & M (Diversified, Educational and Motivational) Marketing, Inc., a for-profit marketing enterprise based on the principles of social entrepreneurship.  The company is designed to identify, recruit, train, motivate and educate start-up business owners.  Its design is to provide traditional and Internet marketing tools to like-minded people who desire to own and operate a business.  His marketing strategy is designed to develop and implement strategies which lead to the sale of products and services as an innovative way to raise capital for others. 

Creating an environment to enhance his theories, Mr. Martin discovered that very few churches had economic development ministries.  This discrepancy makes understanding and participation in the educational component of economic development difficult for people who seek a great deal of their information from the church environment.   
Mr. Martin began working on the concept and ideas of The Golden Standard, which launched in November 2015.  It engulfs the total circle of social entrepreneurship.  Its goal is to raise capital for organizations as well as provide jobs and additional income for common people.

Dr. Imani Ma’at is a Harvard Educated Acclaimed Author, Award-Winning Health Educator, and International Health and Wellness Keynote Speaker with 22 years of experience at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as Health Scientist & Program Director.

Armed with the truth and an understanding of the urgent need for accurate information and skills to reduce health risks, Dr. Ma’at launched Healthy Haiku Productions (HHP), LLC. She has created Health and Wellness Workshops based on her scientifically evaluated and award-winning curriculum that infuses the arts in health education. Healthy Haiku Workshops also grew out of the Creative experience of Co-Directing her Teen Theater Group (YES 4 Health, Inc.) and through working with Mentors, Youth and Women’s organizations over the last 11 years. During workshops, participants learn about health issues and most importantly how to create a powerful life and environment that stimulates positive choices and healthy lives!

Dr Imani’s newest book in the Healthy Haiku Series is Healthy Haiku 3: How to Fight Childhood Obesity One Poem at a Time! It is now available on Amazon along with the first two books in the Series.

Her mission: to help others to Step Into Their Power when it comes to their health and wellness. Currently she offers several powerful programs including but not limited to: Health & Wellness Speaking Engagements and Keynote Presentations;Healthy Haiku Workshops for Youth; Life Coaching for Teens; and Wellness Consulting for Adults.

Dr. Ma’at promotes health and wellness in a way that is fun, interactive and effective. Clients include schools, county jails, universities, corporations, health departments, individuals, women and youth orgs.

Education: Mount Holyoke, M.I.T., Harvard, Columbia