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TGS Community Empowerment System

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TGS Community Empowerment System
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Welcome to TGS


The Call:
  • To leaders of all religious faiths in Cobb County
  • To all Youth Leaders
  • To all Community Leaders
  • To all Political Leaders
  • To Law Enforcement officers throughout Cobb County
  • To all concerned citizens

The Purpose:
  • To respond to the question: “Do Black People Matter?” with an answer
    “YES, All People Matter”
  • To discuss ways to “Bridge the economic Gap” between education and job
    creation among young people
  • To create an environment where young people and police can bond in a fun and
    loving family environment
  • To show lasting respect and empathy with the families of Police Officers and
    civilians killed in senseless violence throughout America
  • To demonstrate the Spiritual Bond that exists between all human beings.
    The Spiritual Bond that is above culture and skin color
The Problem:

Creating a family friendly environment designed to mentor Cobb County youth to
aid their development in understanding the environment in which they live.

The Plan:

To listen to ideas and develop “ways and means” to help youth respond
to the rising violence in our nation through peaceful means and nonviolent
methods. We are seeking possible solutions that can be implemented on the
local level. To organize a multi-cultural, multi-faith Block Party to be
held in different cities throughout the county. To develop young people to
become proactive and not reactive.

What is a “Block Party”?

A Block Party is a tool designed to allow bonding between adults and young people.
It offers adults the opportunity to bond with young people, thereby creating an
environment where teaching, mentoring, and demonstrating leadership becomes
possible. It provides adults the unique opportunity to understand the mindset
of young people, while demonstrating community love and tolerance. A Block
Party is an organized day of family fun and entertainment where the youth
are the center of attention...It is all about the youth.

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