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TGS Community Empowerment System : How It Works
<i>TGS Community Empowerment System</i>

TGS Community Empowerment System

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TGS Community Empowerment System
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How It Works
How it works
Paying the Price

The Golden Standard carries a ten ($10) dollar membership fee. TGS is a community based enterprise. Paying this fee out of pocket should not cause concern or worry because, we have a number of ways you can earn $10 per week, just by participating in activities of the group.

The Golden Standard’s Community Grocery Store is a member owned grocery store. The products housed in the store are products the members are already buying and using. They are food, household products, hair products. (etc…)

We are asking Golden Standard’s members to take pictures of things they purchase. Some items members may buy weekly, some items are bought bi-weekly and others monthly. Most members may use their phone to snap a picture of the item and share it with us.

We will then offer these items for purchase in our store. There are three levels of Commissions to Members in the Store.

These are the following:

  • Members will receive up to 8% commission on every item purchased by themselves. For example: If you as a Member spend $150.00 a month in our store: Your commissions are $12.00.

  • Members will receive a code that allows Friends and Relatives to purchase items at Member prices. Friends & Relatives must have the Member’s Code. These people are simply customers, they are not Members. Members will receive 6% commission from items non-Member customers purchases.

  • Members will receive 4% commission from purchase of all direct personal Member recruits who are in good Membership standing.



The Role of Members

You may want to take (phone) pictures of things you buy monthly or bimonthly.

Text or email that list with pictures to:
TEXT to: 770-846-7189

Or Email pictures to:


    • We only place items members are buying in our online community store.

    • Every item carries a commission.

    • We Deliver to YOUR  home or office bi-weekly in the Atlanta Area.

    • Using Group Dynamics, You buy from yourselves, You earn commissions.

    • You will be issued a Community Code. Share Your Code with friends, relatives, co-workers.....

    • When they go to The Community Store and purchase: You make commissions.

    • You may earn the $10 membership fee every week: Just Help other people save money by giving them your Code.


    The Golden Standard's Community Grocery
    Store Compensation (Example)
    Personal Sales8%$8.00$16.00$24.00$32.00$40.00$80.00
    Friends & Relatives6%$6.00$12.00$18.00$24.00$30.00$60.00
    Personal Recruits4%$4.00$8.00$12.00$16.00$20.00$40.00


    Amount is based on monthly revenues

    Personal Sales are based on items members buy for personal consumption.

    Friends and relatives are Customers members gives their Community Code to.

    Personal Recruits are Members personally recruited by other Members.

    Totals are based on group sales.


    Each 1 Recruit 2”


    Examples of Items You May offer TGS Community Store
    Lotions / Body products
    Vegetables Body powder
    MeatsBath materials
    Cakes & other desserts
    Shoe polish
    Household items
    Body soap
    Household cleaners




    Everything not mentioned that you buy and use.


    We will have a survey on this site which extracts information concerning items members are buying on a
    weekly, bi-weekly and monthly level. As well as what you would like to see in the store.


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